We are offering unique services like connecting your worldwide employees and Remote Workers from corporate offices. The main feature is our connection is highly secured; no one can interrupt you while you are connected with your co-workers. We make safer that you can use services of company from any Ethernet or WIFI connection, and broadband. Once you have decided you need a network to control your business, you must know the appropriate way which suits your business. Means what kind of network you need like:

  • Network server

A server in a network is works like a heart, it controls everything connected to a network, it runs any software centrally connected to a server. Though it’s a little bit costly but provides a central control.

  • Internet connection you needed

Do you need a broadband connection or high speed connection? If you are managing a wide network then you must need a high speed internet or else you can use a simple broadband connection to stable a remote connection.

  • Which network is suitable for you, wired or wireless?

Spreading cables cost a lot and that’s not a feasible way as cables can be damaged so wireless is the best communication way, just need to make it more secure. But still if you want wired connection, choice is yours.

While having remote access, means allowing Temporary Staff to access your business database, connected to your network. It allows staff to login to the data base, setting up a remote server access and it allows employees to send and receive emails. You have staff working or standing or roads, getting customers from a shopping mall, not a big deal as they can access and find the latest prices and quotes from the database. You just need to update the database and all the information would spread. To get proper remote services for your business, just make a call to us or send your query. We would guide and provide solution that what’s best for you.

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